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5 Runway Beauty Looks Made for Halloween

From spooky to sparkly.

The hair and makeup looks that designers send down the runways are often a bit over-the-top for everyday life... so they're spot-on for Halloween. While some have said that October 31 is the "one night of the year when a girl can dress like a total [we don't slut shame at Fashionista] and no other girls can say anything about it," it's also a great night to test out bizarro beauty looks. The stakes are so low and the payoff so great, friends.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few suggestions for beauty looks that debuted on the runway but would work equally well on All Hallows' Eve.

The Walking Dead

While "Life After Beth" only did o-kay reviews-wise, we're 100 percent behind any and all use of Aubrey Plaza's undead character as Halloween inspiration. For starters, it's incredibly easy. Put on a cute dress, give your hair a curl (and then muss it up a little), add some dark circles around your eyes and foundation to your lips and poof! Millennial zombie. Giles did some wonderfully creepy eyes for spring, which, while a little more intense than the brown shadow Plaza wears in the film, amps up the drama nicely. 

Feral Friend

To me, the thick black liner at Dries van Noten's fall 2014 show said one thing: Modernist, high-fashion raccoon. Which I realize is a ridiculous phrase to write, but come on, is it not evocative of a furry, dumpster-dwelling bandit? It is. And who would not give an approving coo when you say you're dressed up as Meeko from "Pocahontas"? Think about it.

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The prickly eyeliner adorning models' lids at Louis Vuitton's spring 2015 show is too cool not to DIY. Extending the spikes somewhat (and using some white foundation underneath), you could turn this into a Gene Simmons deal. Or, styled with a leather jacket and easy hair as Nicolas Ghesquière did at Vuitton, you have a perfect Kiss concertgoer look. 

Manic Pixie

The makeup look at Chanel's spring 2014 haute couture show is the perfect update to this perennial Halloween favorite. The eye comprises a flick of black eyeliner -- similar to Tinkerbell's look -- and a smattering of chunky glitter below the lower lash. Not only is it incredibly pretty in an ethereal way, but it's also a low-cost solution to the problem of not possessing real fairy dust.

'90s Revivalist

Jeremy Scott = "The Babysitter's Club." Full stop.