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Hudson Kroenig Stars With Joan Smalls in Chanel Cruise Campaign


We're done for. Hudson Kroenig, Chanel's tiniest runway star and the son of our dream husband Brad Kroenig, has booked the latest Chanel Cruise campaign, his first for the brand. And ho-ly cow, is it cute.

Kroenig co-stars alongside Joan Smalls, who does her stoic model thing while the little dude peeks out from behind the door of the pristine bathhouse they're in, slumps against columns and dips his toes in the pool — you know, standard things that kids would do in that situation. While the campaign could be called "neglectful mother chic," we're going to look past Smalls' vacant stare to reiterate how adorable Kroenig is. Of course, we've seen the "youth capering about amid mannequin-like adults" trope before: see Romeo Beckham's spot for Burberry.

But while RBecks just snagged his second Burberry campaign, the little Kroenig is a Chanel veteran at this point, as he's walked numerous shows (including the most recent Cruise show in Dubai) and appeared with his dad in a Chanel film. And he did book a Fendi campaign once, so this isn't exactly his first Karl campaign.

Peep the whole wonderful thing over at Fashion Gone Rogue

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