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Jessica Chastain Is All Over Newsstands, Fashion Thieves Hit Saks and Victoria's Secret

And yes, they were caught.

With the final chapters of the much-buzzed "Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" trilogy hitting theaters Friday and another two films coming out in November, Jessica Chastain is about to be all over newsstands, too. Along with her October Interview cover, the actress snagged the November covers of Harper’s Bazaar UK and Glamour  (for which she looks gorgeous in a Stella McCartney dress and those killer bangs). {Glamour}

Five people have been indicted in an identity theft ring that led to $40,000 worth of stolen merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue. The pilfered items were all high-end designer accessories from brands like Balmain, Céline, Chanel and Givenchy. Four of the accused were sales associates at the flagship store who stole social security and credit card information from customers. {WWD

The thievery continues over at Victoria’s Secret, where a woman in Florida was arrested for stealing $53,000 worth of lingerie. The underwear snatcher pulled off her crimes over the course of a year, traveling all over the state to pull off the scam. She is currently in custody with bail set at a quarter of a million dollars. {Vogue}

Seinfeld” is not just a well of comedic genius -- it’s also full of invaluable menswear guidance. From Kramer’s eccentric style to that time Jerry rocked a murse -- er, "carryall" -- this show is a goldmine for '90s style enthusiasts. {GQ}

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