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Jessica Chastain Has a Princess Moment in Saint Laurent

This woman knows how to work a red carpet.

True story: A few weeks ago I was waiting in line for Chipotle with Alyssa and the most gorgeous woman walked up behind us. I thought maybe it was Jessica Chastain; as I was admiring her outfit, I realized it was Jessica Chastain. 

Trust me when I say this is a woman who doesn't need the magic of a glam squad to look incredible — with her red hair and fair skin, she's sort of flawless up close – but as she proved on the "Interstellar" red carpet on Wednesday, it doesn't hurt. She looked like a princess wearing a peachy-pink dress by Saint Laurent, its pleated bodice pulled over one shoulder with a sparkling strap. A soft cat eye flick paired with a slicked-back bun is the elegant icing on the cake. 

Oh, and she was incredibly sweet to me at Chipotle to boot (yes, I geeked out a little on her), which means Jessica Chastain is basically perfect. I'm okay with it. 

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