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Kate Hudson's Hair Is a Rose Gold Dream

Please try this at home.

While we usually focus our "Look of the Day" posts on an excellent outfit a celebrity wore the day prior, we're giving this one to a beauty look. Specifically, to the rose gold hair Kate Hudson debuted on Tuesday night at an event honoring her "How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days" co-star, Matthew McConaughey (sigh, #tbt). 

It's such a successful dye job because every strand hits a different note on the honey/blush/flamingo pink spectrum. In certain lights, her hair's like, "I'm blonde, what are you talking about?" Then it turns to give you a look over its shoulder like, "... or am I?" It's subtle until it's not, and doesn't it all look fantastic with the green in her eyes?

This is also a scenario in which matching your makeup to your hair -- and, for that matter, to your sequined blush dress -- is a great idea. Glowing tanned skin, a peachy cheek and a warm smoky eye pick up the notes in her hair in a way that looks healthy, not weirdly intentional. 

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