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Here's a Downton Abbey Makeup Tutorial Starring Lady Edith Herself

You really can't go wrong with Lisa Eldridge.

We can't get enough of Lisa Eldridge's YouTube tutorials, and her latest is no exception: She tapped "Downton Abbey" star Laura Carmichael to walk fans through a Lady Edith makeup look, with tips cribbed directly from the show's makeup artist. 

Eldridge uses brown mascara and eye shadows to define the eye and a light foundation to even out the skin. The result is a super subtle look -- hardly surprising since smokey eyes and bright lips weren't exactly mainstays of the upper class back then. The flushed cheeks and rosy lips are perfect for every day or even for a bride looking for a natural finish.

Plus: It's a history lesson! Carmichael and Eldridge discuss how ladies would have really made their faces up during the time period that "Downton Abbey" covers, and there are some pretty neat facts in there.

Check out the video below:

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