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Lena Dunham Dyed Her Hair Green

Dunham's style choices are nothing if not bold.

Lena Dunham's style choices are often fearless -- she regularly embraces her Hollywood-atypical body and has fun with both her clothes and her look. So when she posted to Instagram her "newly minted" hair for the Canadian leg of her press tour, we weren't totally surprised.

We're not 100 percent on board, though: There's something just slightly off about the color. In this case, it's the middling tone of the green -- neither a bright, fresh tone nor a soft "sea punk" pastel, it looks like it's already faded out. And while we fully support extreme hair colors, green might not have been the best choice for Dunham's pinkish, pale skin. 

Still, it's Dunham's head to experiment with, and if she's happy with it, that's all that matters in the end. 

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