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Lena Dunham Is Exclusively Wearing Nasty Gal for Her Book Tour

Today in completely logical collaborations.

Over the last few years, we've come to appreciate Lena Dunham as someone who exists happily at the crossroads of being provocative and approachably mass market, hanging out with Taylor Swift before turning around to direct any one of Girls's many challenging sex scenes. So it comes as very little surprise that when Dunham was preparing her wardrobe for her book tour, she'd turn to Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, who's built a career on that same dichotomy. (Also, they both tend toward clothing that's fun and bold, bordering on batshit.)

Here's what is surprising: Over the course of her 15-city marathon, Dunham is going to be wearing all Nasty Gal, all the time. According to a rep for the company, Dunham and Amoruso — who are also friends — holed up before her tour starts to pick and fit all the outfits, which just so happened to be recorded in a shopable lookbook that went up on Nasty Gal Thursday. Yes, you too can own a shirt that reads "I like it in my ear." (Paired winningly with a knee-length leather skirt.)

In case you really want to go the extra mile with the Dunham dress-up, Nasty Gal is also selling tote bags printed with the book's title, "Not That Kind of Girl." Along with, you know, the actual hardcover.

What we're most curious about are the financials of this alliance. Does Dunham's service as a (very high-profile) model on Nasty Gal's site -- plus all the press she's bound to earn for her outfits on her book tour -- balance out Amoruso's styling fees? As Nasty Gal's rep obliquely explains the arrangement, "Sophia offered to dress Lena for her book tour and donate to her press partners" -- those being 826 Boston, Iowa Youth Writing Project, Austin Bat Cave, San Francisco's Youth Speaks and Seattle's Young Women Empowered.

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This article has been updated to include commentary from Nasty Gal's rep regarding Amoruso's donation to Lena's tour partners.