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12 Loafers to Step Through Fall

From preppy to modern, we've got your loafer game covered.

While not as ubiquitous as a boot or an oxford, the loafer is every bit the fall mainstay. The moccasin-inspired style, originally developed for men, has come a long way since its 19th-century beginnings, but hasn't lost its air of elegance.

They're versatile, transition easily from casual to dressy, can be worn with pants or tights, and are (usually) comfortable. Best of all, they're classic, so a good pair will carry you from season to season.

Several brands have incorporated the loafer into their fall offerings, from H&M to Everlane to Rag & Bone. Some styles are more on the preppy/traditional side, while others are more modern, particularly the backless ones. We've covered the whole spectrum here, so click through for our picks.

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