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Nicolas Ghesquière Solidifies His Vision for Louis Vuitton

And it involves a lot of clothes we want.

Nicolas Ghesquière showed his third collection (including resort) for Louis Vuitton on Wednesday at the house's brand-new, Frank Gehry-designed Fondation Louis Vuitton, a contemporary art museum.

What guests saw inside were more of the '60s-inspired shapes shown the season before. There were short (even shorter this time) A-line silhouettes, high-waisted trousers and skirts, glossy leather jackets with pointed collars, slip dresses in rich fabrics and walkable ankle boots. There were also several pairs of high-waisted, cropped pants in the '70s-inspired silhouette we will likely all be wearing come spring.

Given the number of repeats -- both in style and fabrication -- from the season before, Ghesquière appears to be focused on giving buyers exactly what they want: that is, new takes on his bestselling styles from fall for spring. Such consistency is also good for making clear his vision for the house. So far, it involves cute, appealing clothes in retro silhouettes with Ghesquière's signature futuristic twist -- the kind of clothes that cool girls want to wear.

And while ready-to-wear is of growing importance to Louis Vuitton's business, the house continues to mint its money with bags. Almost every model carried one, including more of the Petite Malles Ghesquière introduced for spring, larger bowling-shaped styles that also didn't differ greatly from last season and were mostly monogrammed, chain strap flap bags with "LV" logos and more fashion-forward soft leather bags that fold over and snap. There's a lot to choose from -- but not one that particularly stands out as a must-have. The clothes were definitely the stars this season.

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