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Chitter App Brings Marc Jacobs's Tweet Shop Concept to Mobile (Updated)

Would you post a selfie in exchange for free stuff?

Marc Jacobs opened a pop-up shop last February called the "Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop," allowing visitors to exchange posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (tagged #MJDaisyChain) for freebies.

A one-year-old app called Chitter, which surfaces deals from nearby businesses, is attempting to replicate the Tweet Shop experience on mobile. Those who download the Chitter app for iPhone or Android and open up the Marc Jacobs giveaway are encouraged to take a selfie and post it to Twitter through the app. The most creative entries will win one of three bottles of Marc Jacobs Daisy. Given who Daisy's target demographic is — enthusiastic, mobile-happy teenage girls — this is kind of a no-brainer way to engage them.

"This is an initial promotion, acting as a case study of sorts for [Marc Jacobs] to show how his brand can replicate the same experience online that they do in a pop-up 'Tweet Shop,'" Seth Knapp, Chitter's CEO, wrote in an email.

The competition will run from October 6 to 8 -- and yes, you can post once a day to optimize your odds of hitting the jackpot.

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Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that Marc Jacobs was not directly involved in the Chitter promotion.