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Missoni for Target Crashes Website, Again

Déjà vu!

Every time a new Target collaboration drops, we think back on the frenzy that surrounded the launch of Missoni for Target in 2011, which basically killed Target's website for an entire day, disappointing and angering many.

Fortunately, there hasn't really been a collaboration since that has caused that level of frenzy or that Target has failed to anticipate web traffic for. That is, until Target Australia decided to relaunch the Missoni collaboration down under.

The range, which includes everything from clothes to shoes to housewares, dropped Wednesday morning and many shoppers have been unable to access

Shoppers were not happy:

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Target has been apologizing profusely on its Australian Facebook page:

The Australian site seems to be up and working now. Of course, it's now after midnight there.

Target Australia is not owned by Target Corp. (it was merely granted the rights to the name and logo), so the e-commerce site is presumably run separately from the U.S. site that experienced the same issues three years ago. It seems that, once again, the demand for dresses and beach towels patterned with colorful zig-zags far surpassed anyone's expectations.

This article was updated to reflect that Target Australia is not owned by Target Corp.