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Miu Miu Dressed Fantastically Nasty Girls for Spring

The sweetness of prim sixties silhouettes was cut with provocative chiffon tops that bared the midriff.

Miuccia Prada doesn’t need a picket sign to illustrate her feminism -- her fashion says enough without adding props to the mix. For her spring 2015 Miu Miu collection, the designer took proper attire -- narrow pencil skirts, boxy hip-length jackets, fur-trimmed coats-- and paired them with what some would consider highly improper ruffled chiffon cropped or bra tops.

Prada told WWD that this season’s muse was “apparently very sweet but in the end, deep down, very nasty.” With their jousting silhouettes and mismatched prints and patterns, the clothes had an “I’ll wear what I want” attitude, framed by the models’ matted down, almost-sordid hair. All that was missing was a lit cigarette in every right hand.

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