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Mother of Pearl's Spring 2015 Collection Has Already Popped Up at Zara

A white knit top from Zara borrows a great deal from a sweatshirt Mother of Pearl showed in London just five weeks ago.

One of the most impressive things about Zara is how fast it can get designs into stores -- sometimes as little as two weeks from concept phase to store shelf.

Still, I was surprised to see a familiar-looking long-sleeve knit top pop up on Zara's website Thursday. Familiar, because I'd seen what's arguably the original version at Mother of Pearl's Fashion Week presentation in London five weeks ago. That was a white sweatshirt with gently ballooned sleeves, a black double-ringed collar and two V-shaped stripes across the chest -- one embellished, the other a thick black line. Zara's version is slightly different. That black line across the chest is still there, but it's a straight line that continues down the sleeves. In lieu of the black ringed collar, it has a simple boat neck.

Before you point out that the waffle-textured fabric is original to Zara, however, it's not. Mother of Pearl used it in several other pieces in its collection, including a crop top, oversized zip-up jacket, skirt and a pair of dresses (see one version, below).

As far as fast fashion adaptations go, this one is a little better than most, but it's no doubt frustrating to the brand, which isn't yet widely distributed in the U.S., to see Zara profiting off the spirit and several design elements of the collection before it's even had a chance to manufacture it.

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