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Nasty Gal's Latest Céline Knockoff Is Pretty Insane

Come on, now.

Let's be real: Nasty Gal is not shy about knocking off pieces from designer collections every season. Case in point? This tennis sweater that's a blatant copy of Rag & Bone's popular spring 2014 white v-neck. Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang's designs have been closely copied as well. But the brand's latest offense is so glaring that we couldn't help but share it here.

On the fall 2014 runway, Phoebe Philo sent models down the runway at Céline wearing a single large earring made from mixed metals and materials, including tassels, gemstones and antique-looking chains. Lo and behold, Nasty Gal is selling a near-exact copy — right down to the tassels and shape of the stones — on its site for $25. If for any reason you thought this might be some freak coincidence, the retailer is selling it as a single earring, too. 

Come on, Nasty Gal. We expected more from you.

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