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Olivia Thirlby Somehow Makes Wearing Every Trend at Once Cool

O Hollywood, land of fantastic abs.

If there's one problem with Olivia Thirlby, it's that she's incredibly low profile, for which we respect her all the more. We loved her the minute she came onscreen as Ellen Page's quip-slinging best friend in "Juno" ("Honest to blog? Are you sure it's not a food baby?") and that appreciation has only grown over time. Remember when she just casually chopped all her hair off and rocked Harry Styles-grade flow for a while? Yeah.

Thirlby continues to be the coolest in this, the year 2014. Take, for instance, her Michael Kors look at the "Michael Kors Celebrates Young Hollywood" party on Thursday in Los Angeles. Now, we've seen a lot of head-to-toe prints lately... and crop tops... and minimalist strappy heels. But when it's all done in the right proportions with a healthy dose of confidence, as Olivia T achieves here, you remember why these trends have hit such a chord.

On a side note, the reddish ombré hair and smoky eye she has going on here did make us do a double take to make sure she wasn't Kristen Stewart. We mean that in the best way possible, though, because this beauty look is a great combination of wearable and glamorous.

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