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15 Clutches That Hold Way More Than You Think

Go ahead, leave your tote bag at home.

Some occasions (and outfits) call for downsizing from your ginormous, hold-everything work bag to a more petite and compact clutch. And then you face that age old problem: But I need everything. So I was pleasantly surprised one day when I realized that could easily fit all my daily essentials into my silver Collina Strada Giro clutch. Granted, the bag ended up a little heavy, but my make-up bag, hand lotion, sanitizer, tissue pack (yes, I'm always prepared) and overstuffed "George Costanza wallet," as my husband calls it, didn't make the clutch look at all bulky or misshapen. Who knew?

If you too want to carry a clutch but don't want to leave out your long list of essentials, find a squishy, flexy one with lots of depth, like my chevron-flapped Collina Strada Giro. Or, if a slim silhouette is more your thing, opt for an oversize one, like Clare V's zip pouch that doubles as a laptop case. I pulled together 15 options in the slideshow below, measuring each one to make sure they can fit everything from your big ol' handbag.

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