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Paris Hilton Proves She's Barbie, Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Are Making Music

Also, these J.Crew models need to get it together.

There is now proof that Paris Hilton is actually a human Barbie doll. The heiress/DJ posted several pictures of herself on Instagram in an almost head-to-toe Moschino outfit from Jeremy Scott’s Barbie-inspired collection. She finished off the look with her favorite accessory, one of her pint sized-pups in a matching pink sweater. {Instagram

Cara Delevingne’s music career could be launching sooner than expected, thanks to the king of collabs, Pharrell Williams. Sometime between playing designer and preparing for her upcoming acting gigs, the British model and the music legend reportedly came together to make Delevingne’s breakout single. And it may be dropping any day. {Fashion Gone Rogue

A group of investors is planning to make a bid to buy Reebok from Adidas. The 1.7 billion euro ($2.12 billion) bid comes from a Hong Kong-based private-equity investor along with funds from the government of Abu Dhabi. With Reebok bringing in almost a quarter of Adidas’s revenue, the decision will be a big one. {Bloomberg}

If you ever envied how J.Crew models look so effortlessly chic and classy, this hilarious Tumblr account will totally make you forget all of that. Preview: the page is called “Drunk J.Crew.” {Tumblr}

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