Prince William and Kate Middleton May Come to NYC, Celebrity Children Are the Next Supermodels

And see how women's Halloween costumes have evolved over time. Hint: there's a lot less fabric these days.
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Prince William is planning to make an official trip to New York City later this fall, and may bring Kate Middleton with him (morning sickness permitting). {People}

Could the current wave of celebrity children-turned-models -- Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin among them -- be the next '90s supermodels? Not only are they popular and glamorous, they also have curves -- so, maybe it's not such a bad thing. {Observer}

Travel & Leisure's new editor in chief, Nathan Lump, has already dismissed several employees and brought in some old colleagues to help him execute his vision for the glossy. {WWD}

Oh, how women's Halloween costumes have evolved! Over time, dressing up as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" has become a lot less adorable and a lot more X-rated. Cue the gingham crop top and sparkly red stripper heels. {Complex}

Amanda Bynes allegedly attacked a fan at a nightclub in New York City on Monday night, and then spent several hours on Tuesday morning limping around Bloomingdale's with one shoe on. We're a little concerned. {TMZ}