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Eliza's Sweet Cosmic Earrings

Understated immaturity.

Minimalism has been the reigning star of the jewelry category over the past few years. Simple silver midi rings, dainty gold ear piercings, bar necklaces... you know the deal. 

I totally bought into the trend -- it works incredibly well against the understated Everlane sweatshirt I've worn basically every day for the last year. But recently I've been pining for additions to my closet that are a little wacky and pure, sugary fun, because outfit restraint can be really exhausting in the long term. That's how I recently came home from Topshop one day with a sweatshirt covered in bats and some purple socks patterned with pink doughnuts.

I love these little mismatched studs because they're charming and a little juvenile in a way that's completely unobtrusive -- a good way to accessorize an otherwise neutral outfit. And they gel so nicely with all those delicate little gold piercings you and I and every girl below 14th Street has been walking around with, no?

Tai Star & Moon earrings, $40, available at Shopbop.

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