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Suki Waterhouse May Be a Victoria's Secret Angel, North West Paints A Birkin For Kim Kardashian

Also, a "Sexy Ebola" costume exists.

A a recent selfie on Suki Waterhouse’s Instagram of her wearing an elaborate peacock headdress has everyone wondering if she could be the next big name to walk for Victoria’s Secret, whose annual runway show takes place in London next month. Though other rising stars like Kendall Jenner have also been rumored to be the lingerie brand’s next Angel, Waterhouse’s post provides some pretty compelling evidence -- I mean, what other shows call for such ornate attire? It’s also possible that, with Halloween coming up, this is just a sneak peek at a great costume, but we’re hoping that’s not the case. {Instagram}

North West: model, style star, front row regular and now a budding artist. According to mom Kim Kardashian, the toddler painted an Hermes Birkin bag for her 34th birthday, most likely with a little help from papa Yeezy. The reality star (surprisingly) hasn’t posted any pictures of the purse, but we’re hoping it’s better than that other painted Birkin she has. {US Weekly}

Looks like “Sexy Ebola Containment Suit” is in the lead for this year’s most insensitive Halloween costume. Despite the fact that Ebola is a deadly disease that has killed nearly 5,000 people in Africa and continues to be a global threat, at least one online costume shop is capitalizing on the conversation to sell what it actually calls “hazmat couture.” Let’s all just agree that life threatening diseases should be off limits for Halloween and get some cat ears instead, OK? {Mashable}

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