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Here's Hoping Taylor Swift's New Fragrance Sells Better Than the Last One

The singer has launched a new perfume, "Incredible Things."

Needlepoint enthusiast and cat-carrying paparazzi fixture Taylor Swift is taking a momentary break from churning out the pop hits to launch her latest fragrance, "Incredible Things." We are disappointed to report that Swift has yet again missed her biggest opportunity to fill a market void — that being a perfume that smells like a mash-up of every baked good known to man. Next time.

What it does smell like is vanilla orchid, something called a "suede flower," Madagascar vanilla and wild passion flower, among other sparkling fruits and musks. What Elizabeth Arden, the creator of Swift's fragrances, is probably hoping it smells like is success. (Does a joke ever have to happen? Sometimes, yes.) 

According to the beauty company's fiscal 2014 report, the singer's "Wonderstruck," "Wonderstruck Enchanted" and "Taylor by Taylor Swift" scents way underperformed this year. Although Elizabeth Arden said it was prepared for weaker celebrity fragrance sales relative to 2013 since this year had fewer launches overall, "the decline in sales of celebrity fragrances, particularly the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift fragrances, was steeper than anticipated." 

Bieber we get — his image has been less than aspirational lately. Swift, however, is on top of the world. Case in point: Her November cover for British Vogue just dropped, and it is fantastic. So maybe people are just tiring of celebrity fragrances overall. In any case, we wish "Incredible Things" better luck than its predecessors.

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