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Mary Kate Steinmiller and Sheena Smith Are Out at 'Teen Vogue'

But why?

There have been even more masthead changes at Teen Vogue, and they are pretty high up on that masthead.

According to multiple sources, Senior Fashion Market Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller, who has worked at the magazine for 10 years (she interned there for three years before getting hired), and Accessories Director Sheena Smith, who has been there for nearly four years, have been let go. It is unclear whether they were fired with cause and being replaced, or if their positions have been eliminated. A rep for Teen Vogue declined to comment. Though, we have heard from a source that they have been laid off due to budget cuts at Condé Nast.

The move is particularly surprising given what prominent positions Steinmiller and Smith held at the magazine. Teen Vogue editors often act as the magazine's faces and this was particularly true of Steinmiller, who has yet to work at any other publication.

The news follows a few new hires in the glossy's fashion department, including Marina Larroude as fashion director and Esther Adams Achara as fashion news editor.

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Update: This post was updated with more information about the reason behind the layoffs.