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Tory Burch's New Watches Are Great, But They'll Cost You

They'll cost you a little more than competitors, but is it worth it?

Wednesday marked the launch of Tory Burch's first foray into watches, which coincides with the brand's 10-year anniversary. ("Timing is everything," reads a press release.)

It's a natural brand extension for Burch — her customer just feels like someone who wears a classic, tasteful watch and the category can be quite lucrative — and she did a really good job, in our opinion. The timepieces have an unassuming, tomboyish appeal, and they certainly look better than the wearable tech accessories she launched earlier this summer. However, they come with a little bit of sticker shock.

The company was nice enough to send me The Buddy Classic, a vintage-inspired style with a square stainless steel case and leather strap. While I like it a lot and the quality seems decent, I was surprised to find out that it costs $600. The brand touts that each watch is "made with the highest level of Swiss artisanship and precision," but when competitors like Michael Kors and Kate Spade are making watches in the $150-$250 range, the price is still a bit unexpected. Most of Burch's other products come in at a contemporary price point and the watches are manufactured by Fossil, which isn't exactly known for its luxury goods, although they also manufacture watches for Burberry and Emporio Armani.

While Burch certainly isn't in Cartier or Rolex territory, the price range puts her more in line with Shinola, whose watches are handmade in the U.S. (and literally come with lifetime guarantees) and Burberry, which is a full-on luxury brand.

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Hopefully, Burch's customer is willing to pay a premium for a nice watch, and wants to buy that watch from her.

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