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'Twin Peaks' Has All the Fall Fashion and Beauty Inspo You Need

Another reason to re-watch the entire series on Netflix.

"Twin Peaks," as you may have heard, is getting a reboot on Showtime, with original creators Mark Frost and David Lynch on board. The news obviously made us want to re-watch the entire series, and while doing so, we remembered the show's eerily perfect aesthetic.

While many people cite "My So-Called Life" as the best example of grungy '90s style, "Twin Peaks" somehow perfectly captured the decade's ugly-cool vibe, and had some of the most inspiring beauty looks in television history. I have taken screen grabs from the show to my hairstylist on more than one occasion. True story.

It's particularly inspiring for fall fashion, especially when it comes to all of the sweaters — necessary for the Northwest's chilly temperatures. But we're also falling for Donna and Audrey's sultry beauty looks, Shelly's long blond hair and even Lucy's kooky stuck-in-the-'80s vibe all over again. See below for some examples, and if you want more, set aside a few hours and head over to Netflix.

The Hair

The Makeup

The Accessories

The Sweaters

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