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Lauren's Sleeveless Black Turtleneck

I didn't see this one coming.

They say that inspiration can be found in the least likely of places. And little did I expect that when "Gilmore Girls" arrived on Netflix on Oct. 1 that a) I would watch more than 35 episodes in a two-week period and b) my next clothing purchase would be inspired by said episodes. In particular, Lorelai Gilmore's penchant for sleeveless turtlenecks, which she usually pairs with a neat pencil skirt and knee-high leather boots.

After telling Stephanie that I was "really into sleeveless turtlenecks at the moment" (without disclosing why I was into sleeveless turtlenecks at the moment), she recommended I pick up Uniqlo's sleeveless mockneck sweater in black merino, which hit stores just last week. It's simple and fitted and thus goes with all of my skirts -- and best of all, the long neck makes for a longer-looking silhouette.

Next up: a shearling-lined denim jacket?

Uniqlo extra fine merino turtleneck sweater, $39.90, available at Uniqlo.

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