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Shoppers Are Buying $5k Worth of Alexander Wang for H&M at a Time

That's a lot of Wang.

Alexander Wang's capsule collection for H&M has been causing a frenzy ever since it was announced at Coachella in April, and now it's finally here. On Thursday morning, Europeans formed long lines in front of H&M stores and H&M's U.S. site crashed minutes before the collection went live online. We also checked out how the collection was selling in stores here in New York.

A cashier at one SoHo location said that despite limits on how many of each product could be bought, people were buying tons of items — as much as five thousand dollars' worth at a time. Indeed, people were walking around SoHo with several Alexander Wang x H&M bags in tow. (A quick scan of Ebay shows that, yes, some of those shoppers may have been hawking.)

Still, employees at multiple downtown stores said that the crowds hadn't been too crazy, despite reports that people had been lining up at certain locations since 7 p.m. Wednesday.  By 9 a.m. Thursday, there were still stragglers at each location, but it was calm and not at all crowded.

There was still plenty of womenswear left at each location. Menswear, however, was another story -- the men's section at one location almost completely sold out within five minutes, according to one employee. 

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