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Allison Williams Is Stressed Out That You Worry About Her Weight

She tells 'Allure' magazine that she's fine, thank you very much.

Allison Williams has been promoting "Peter Pan: Live!" (yes, that's still happening, so hope you're stocked up on wine for December 4) pretty heavily for the past few weeks, but for the December cover of Allure, she gets to take off that pixie cut wig and try out something a bit more glamorous. 

Sporting voluminous waves and a green dress we're sure is a nod to the boy who never grows up, Williams tells the mag she knows people talk about her body. Explaining that she started filming "Girls" at her "college-weight," Williams insists that what we see now is her natural body type (and, as people familiar with the tendency to put on a few thanks to a bit too much beer and late night pizza at school, we're inclined to believe her).

"But that's still the way it was set in people's minds, so they're like, 'Oh, my God, you've lost weight,'" she explains. "It’s a little bit stressful to know that there are a lot of people walking around who think I'm constantly just shaking and depriving myself."

Williams is also known for her pretty but safe red carpet choices, and she's okay with it. Even the 2013 Met Gala theme wouldn't shake Williams from her carefully crafted style. "The theme was punk," she tells the glossy. "Picture me, Allison Williams, hearing the theme to the Met Ball is punk. This was, like, the riskiest thing I'd ever worn. There was the danger of underboob showing."

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Allison Williams's cover of Allure hits newsstands November 18.