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The Red Carpet Bob Wars: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Anne Hathaway

Or: How to grow out a pixie cut successfully.

I feel a special camaraderie with Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, because both of them are growing out pixie cuts and so am I. Trust me, this is more than enough to cement a bond — growing out hair sucks. Those two, though, have one thing on their side that I don't: professional help. 

They both have movies that they've been on tour promoting (Jennifer Lawrence for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" and Anne Hathaway for "Interstellar") so they've been hitting the red carpet regularly for the past few weeks, giving me ample opportunity to analyze their growing-out bobs and glean inspiration for my own. 

I'm going to keep it nice here. I realize that a year ago these two were pitted against each other in the media as the world's coolest and world's most hated actress, respectively. While acknowledging that they do each have their own vibe and style, I'm just going to limit my analysis to what's on their heads and how they've each interpreted certain looks. Think of it as "Hathaway and Lawrence: Impossible Conversations." Let's get started. 

Cool Girl Waves:

Honestly, this is Holy Grail hair for anyone with this length bob. They both look great. Jenny Cho, Jennifer Lawrence's hair stylist said, "Less is more with the cool girl beachy waves, so put a bend in it, not a curl." What does this mean, you ask? A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting my hair styled by Tim Rogers, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger and the creative director at Living Proof. I came to him armed with a picture of Jennifer Lawrence's waves, and he also recommended bending. After spraying with heat protector, take a section of hair and wrap it around a curling iron, but start midway down the hair shaft, not at the scalp, and also don't curl the ends. "It’s really about just creating movement and a very loose wave, rather than a curl," Adir Abergel, Hathaway's hair stylist said. "This adds amazing texture and separation to give it that effortless style. The result? A "bend" that you can muss up and spritz with some texture spray or hair spray. (You can see my bendy results at the end. Don't judge. I'm not J. Law.)

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Twenties Waves:

This is a more polished version of cool girl waves. Abergel said that for Hathaway's grow-out phase, they've been inspired by '90s era Winona Ryder and Stella Tennant. But, "the key to keeping it modern is texture and shape," Abergel said. "Keeping it very glossy and not matte makes it more modern." Both ladies certainly pass the gloss test here. 

Faux Updos:

Now, the faux updo is something I haven't considered, but perhaps I should."We have been creating lots of fun and demure twisted faux updos while Anne’s hair has been growing out. Twists can be a really chic look when hair is growing out," Abergel said. "A good trick is to leave hair unwashed and use a dry shampoo so hair has more texture and grip. Use a volumizing mouse as a foundation from roots to mid shaft. Stay away from the ends. You want to keep the weight around the structure of the head. Use a styling cream on ends to give them separation."

Wavy and Tucked:

This is what I want my hair to do every morning. 

Going Rogue: 

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence wins for style points on this one. But my everyday hair pretty much looks like Anne Hathaway's here, so I can't fault her for going for the smooth mom bob. "To grow out a pixie, you need to have patience, creativity and a lot of faux updos," Abergel said. Amen. 

Now here are my bendy waves, courtesy of the fabulous Tim Rogers: