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All A$AP Rocky Wants for Christmas Is a New Girlfriend

We caught up with the newly single rapper at Dior's event at the Guggenheim Wednesday night.

The Guggenheim is gearing up for its annual International Gala benefit Thursday night, but before the main event, the museum wanted to celebrate with a little music, a sprinkling of celebrities and plenty of fashion. On Wednesday evening, in collaboration with the folks at Christian Dior, the museum held a pre-party for the gala, taking over three levels of the museum to host an event where the Veuve Cliquot was free-flowing and the music was plentiful.

The affair was attended by a smattering of It girls, including Karlie Kloss, Zoe Kravitz, Camila Belle and Harley Viera-Newton. Also on hand was Dior Creative Director Raf Simons, who was tucked away in the VIP area chatting with brand muse Marion Cotillard and Dior CEO Sidney Toledano. Guests were treated to a performance by English indie pop band The XX, whose gurgling guitars and chill sound filled the museum with swaying spectators.

Before heading out after the performance, we ran into A$AP Rocky, dressed in a crisp white shirt, black jacket, leather skinnies and oxfords. Rocky is a proud disciple of fashion, and calls Raf Simons one of his favorite designers. “If you step out of your shoe and a guy can tell you what kind of shoe it is, that’s a keeper!” We assume he was referring to himself.

We chatted with the newly-single fashion plate (he split with model Chanel Iman last month) to get his thoughts on hip-hop, fashion and the #1 thing on his Christmas wishlist.

We know you love Dior. What’s been your favorite moment from the label?

When Hedi Slimane made skinny jeans and bikers available for men in high-end fashion, because otherwise I would have no skinny jeans on today. That’s my favorite moment from Dior in the '90s – I’m quite old. [Laughs]

Why do you think high fashion has embraced streetwear? You’re actually one of the poster boys for this phenomenon.

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I think it was bound to happen. You can’t stop greatness. High-end fashion defines fashion culture. So, for me it was taking my street culture and mixing it. Look at this young guy right here [pointing to a fellow standing nearby]. He has Saint Laurent biker jeans on, Timberland boots, a Rick Owens blazer and a Dior shirt. It just goes to show that you can just mix and match. Timberland with Dior? Nobody would have ever thought.

You seem to have a mind for labels. Do you study it, or do you just know?

It’s natural to me. I don’t claim to be a fucking fashion philosopher, but I know what I like.

Speaking of what you like, what’s on your holiday wishlist?

I hope I find a girlfriend so she can buy me nice gifts!

Do you think that Christmas commercials are happening too soon? Halloween was like, yesterday.

It’s always too soon! Those holiday advertisements are meant to make you feel like you’re not special enough or you’re not making enough money. I don’t fall for it. I prefer to go shopping after Christmas because the sales are amazing! I might have money, but why pay full-price for something that’s going on sale anyway? It doesn’t make sense.

Check out a smattering of party pics below.