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Eliza's Crazy Thorough Face Cleanser


I like to think of myself as the Taylor Swift of beauty products. While I don't fall for other humans quite so easily as she does, I do understand the heady, dizzy excitement of a love affair with a new skincare or makeup item. Butterflies, I tell you. 

This is all a dramatic lead-up to tell you that I have a new face washing system that hinges on the deeply rad Banila Clean It Zero cleansing balm. Le whaaaat? A cleansing balm? Yes. It looks like a cream — or as the instructions say, "a sherbert" — and when you spread it on your face it melts into a semi-liquid that's moisturizing in such a way that it feels like a hug for your face and is also very good at getting makeup off. Seriously, put on a boatload of black eyeliner and try it out.

Given that the product exists in a solid state until put to use, it's also fantastic for taking on trips. Pro tip: Clean out a little sample moisturizer pot, scoop some in and pop that sucker in your toiletries. No mid-air explosions, guaranteed. 

Banila Clean It Zero, $24, available at Yes Style

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