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Hi Fashionista! I'm Chantal.

I'm new.

I really love first days of school. First days of anything, really. It's a blank slate and it usually coincides with some crisp fall weather. And while it's a bit late for crisp (the right word is probably blistering), I'm so very excited for my first day at Fashionista. Since college, I've been doing the assistant thing at Condé Nast, first at Vanity Fair and then at Lucky. 

Fun facts about me: I was born in Scotland and grew up in Houston and my parents are Cuban and Spanish (dad always says home is where the mortgage is). I had a pet hedgehog growing up named Podie. I love wearing clothes repeatedly until they disintegrate (examples include a flower-power dress when I was seven and some pink moccasins one summer in high school). I love television so much, I often lie about things I've seen so as to appear more normal. My first job was at Gap Body. And there is nothing better than a Mrs. Field's cookie cake from the Houston Galleria mall. 

Thanks for reading and for welcoming me to the Fashionista family!


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