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Coco Rocha Shows Seth Meyers How to Strike a Pose

The masterful supermodel shows Seth Meyers how it's done.

She may be nurturing a tiny, growing baby in her belly, but if you thought that was going to keep Coco Rocha from posing her heart out, you were wrong. 

The model stopped by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" to promote her new book, Study of Pose, which features a thousand ways to arrange your limbs. (One thousand! Time to up our selfie game.) So obviously, it came time for Meyers to learn some of the poses from the master, like "Sexy Jump to Grab the Last Apple," and "The Gym's Not Really Working."

Of course, those names aren't in the book — they're totally a creation of Meyers's brain. "We made [the poses] numbers so people like you would give them names!" Rocha says. It's adorable. Check the video below:

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