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Maddie Ziegler of 'Dance Moms' Is a High Fashion Tween for 'Elle'

Simone Rocha goes so well with mild pre-teen ennui.

If you don't know of Maddie Ziegler through "Dance Moms," you may have been one of the 320 million people who saw the 12-year-old dance prodigy perform in the completely mesmerizing music video for Sia's "Chandelier." If you don't fit into either group, we recommend you get your butt over to YouTube, stat. 

Because fashion loves youth, cast Ziegler in a surprisingly age-appropriate editorial, lensed by 20-year-old photographer Olivia Bee at the homeschooled tween's home in Pittsburgh. In the way of a Petra Collins/Tavi Gevinson project, the whole thing has a certain dedication to portraying the Young American Female with a blend of nostalgia and realism — there's Ziegler sitting on her bed in front of her many dance trophies or looking small next to her family's mailbox. But, like, in Tanya Taylor and Simone Rocha.

For the full shoot, head on over to And if you haven't watched the "Chandelier" video, for goodness sake, do so below. 

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