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How to Paint Your Nails With Your Non-Dominant Hand

Why didn't I know this 10 years and 5,000 salon manicures ago?

Back in 2008, as we were heading into the Great Recession, I realized I had to start cutting back. So, along with swapping delicious deli-bought salads for uninspiring homemade lunches, I also cut out my treasured biweekly salon manis and pedis — and started DIY-ing my nails at home. It was a major sacrifice at the time, mind you, but six years later, I haven't reverted back into the twice a month (and money-sucking) habit. (Although I still do go once in awhile, for special occasions.)

And I have to say that my own nail polish jobs look pretty damn good. Well, on my LEFT hand anyway. Because I'm right-handed, wielding the brush with my left is a delicate, precarious process that often ends up with a less than professional-looking result. But it turns out, there's an easy solution.

Thank you, Canadian vlogger CutePolish, who has a few simple but so genius tricks to paint a precise color job with your non-dominant hand. For instance, instead of focusing on keeping your non-dominant hand steady while slowly applying the polish, keep it still and let your dominant hand do all the movement back and forth. I actually tried this last night and it was — and I'm not being hyperbolic here — LIFE-CHANGING.

So watch the entire tutorial for all CutePolish's tips on faking a salon mani at home and look for the non-dominant application lesson at the 1:46 mark.

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