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Eliza's Every. Single. Day. Sweatshirt

Sometimes she even washes it.

In a marketing age when nearly every retailer with a casual/cool slant has branded at least one of its tees, pants or leather jackets as "perfect" or "everyday," it's nice to find a piece of clothing that you actually do wear every single day and that, to you, is perfect.

For me, that item is Everlane's boyfriend sweatshirt, which I've been wearing multiple times a week for nearly a year. Seriously, ask anyone in this office. My dedication is sickening.

If you are mega-lazy about dressing in the morning, I cannot recommend this sweatshirt more. If you like minimal, boyish vibes, this is the one for you. Does "graphic designer nearing his 30s" rank high on your list of style inspirations? This sweatshirt is picking you first for kickball!

Just say yes to life, people.

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The Boyfriend Sweatshirt, $40, available at Everlane.