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Farfetch Launches Click-and-Collect Service

The e-commerce startup is going deep into omnichannel this holiday season.

Back in May, Farfetch closed $66 million in venture capital funding and with it, expressed an intention to develop a click-and-collect program that would allow customers to buy an item from one boutique in its network online and pick it up in-store from another.

Well, the e-commerce startup went and did just that. 

The service launched Monday, with collection available at over 100 boutiques worldwide. Click-and-collect is increasingly popular among retailers as they recognize the importance of operating seamlessly across channels — Macy's and Burberry both offer the option to shoppers — but Farfetch's new feature takes it a step further, involving collaboration between otherwise independent retailers. 

According to a rep for Farfetch, the service won't burden the company with any additional logistical costs. If the product is picked up at the same boutique it was ordered from, there's no shipping charge; if it's sent from one store to another, the customer pays a standard shipping fee. With that in mind, the program — which builds up Farfetch's customer service proposition nicely — kind of seems like a no-brainer.

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We'll be interested to see how many people actually use the service, rather than simply ordering their items for at-home delivery. It does, at least, make the issue of returns significantly easier — and gives the hosting boutique a chance to upsell the client on an additional purchase. Win, win?

Update: This post has been updated to include comment from a Farfetch rep regarding shipping costs.