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Lauren's Relaxed Weekend Leggings

What's the closest thing to pajamas that is still acceptable to wear outside? This pair of leggings.

Cold weather is upon us, and instead of thinking of ways I can look put-together in the morning I go through my closet and wonder what is the most comfortable outfit I can get away with.

That might explain why I've been on a bit of a leggings and sweatpants buying spree lately -- first at J.Crew, then at Lululemon and most recently at Bloomingdale's for these Hue jersey leggings. Of the three pairs I've recently acquired, these are the only ones I could potentially wear outside (and not just to the gym) -- but really they're best for loungey, indoor weekends like the one I'm about to have with friends out in Long Island over Thanksgiving weekend. Worn with an oversized turtleneck sweater -- like this super soft one from Madewell, which I LOVE (hat tip: Eliza) -- and a pair of wool socks or sneakers, they can make for unexpectedly elegant (and certainly very comfortable) loungewear.

Hue "Relaxed Weekend" leggings, $28.50 (on sale), available at Bloomingdale's.

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