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The Ladies of 'The Hunger Games' Are A Sartorial Dream Team

Individuality rules.

As far as girl gangs are concerned, the female stars of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" fall squarely on the "admirable badasses" end of the spectrum. Jennifer Lawrence, Jena Malone, Julianne Moore, Natalie Dormer, Elizabeth Banks and Lorde, who performs on the soundtrack, are all fiery women with lots of personality.

And now that the press tour for the film is in full swing, they've also proven themselves to be a pretty killer sartorial squad. At the "Mockingjay" world premiere in London on Monday night, each woman showed up rocking her own take on black tie. While we could call out any one of them as an excellent example of red carpet dressing, the whole, as they say, is really greater than the sum of its parts here. 

You've got J-Law in her mandatory Dior, Elizabeth Banks killing it as a stormy queen, teen witch Lorde being a weirdo in her little wide-legged suit and spunky Natalie Dormer tossing a metaphorical f-you to safe red carpet dressing (see: J-Law), while Jena Malone works the shoulder angle like a twisted Disney princess and Julianne Moore adds a dose of measured class to the whole scene.

In short: Each is doing her own thing, and that individuality comes across most clearly when they're all pulled together. But, we've assembled each look individually below in case you want to get a closer look.

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