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Joan Smalls Is a Notorious Prankster at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows

Karlie Kloss and Constance Jablonski can attest.

Leading up to the much-anticipated Victoria's Secret Show in London on Dec. 2, the runway lineup confirmations are trickling in — mostly through Instagram posts from the ladies themselves. Sadly, it looks like those Kendall Jenner rumors turned out to be just that and, sorry ladies, but Bradley Cooper will not be sitting in the audience to support Suki Waterhouse. BUT our favorite long running, wing-rocking cat walkers, including Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo, and double Dream Angels Fantasy Bra wearers Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, will be there.

At the model-packed WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards last night, five-year VS show veteran Constance Jablonski — who donned the heaviest wings last year — said she's excited to take the flight across the pond with her fellow VS pals, including Joan Smalls. (Sounds like two more confirmations, right?) But everyone, especially the newbies, better watch out because Smalls is a notorious prankster.

"Joan is the wittiest of [them] all," said Jablonski, pointing out that if anyone was going to pull a fast one backstage, it's Smalls. "She’s my favorite anyway, so she knows I love it. But she’s definitely the one who’s gonna unzip your dress. But it’s always very casual." 

Along with the high fashion version of pants-ing, a little covert bum squeeze here and there is also part of Smalls' M.O.

"I’m always pinching butts while we’re taking pictures because the person can’t see [me]," said Smalls, with a mischievous (and ridiculously gorgeous) grin on her face. "So then the girl has the biggest smile on her face because she can’t hold it in. Or she's like, 'Who did that?!'"

But, of course, the tables do turn. With so many excited girls and loads of downtime preparing for the show, there has to be some payback, right?

"All the time," Smalls said. "[Fellow models' tricks include] saying that I finished shooting early and I was about to take everything off and [producers] were like, 'No we actually have a couple more shots left!' I forgot who did it and I was like, 'That is not funny!'" She couldn't remember who the culprit was, but I bet it was that Cara Delevingne, who seems like she would definitely have some naughty  trickery up her sweatshirt sleeve. "Probably," Smalls laughed.

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"Joan definitely is trouble whether it’s the Victoria's Secret Show or any show," said Kloss. "But it keeps it fun that way."

The prolific model and Karlie's Kookie dessert mogul explained that the VS extravaganza is one of the "most stressful shows" she's ever walked in. So she appreciates the levity even though Smalls is a master of friendly deception.

"Joan can keep a really straight face," Kloss said. "She can do a really good bluff, saying I missed the show or I missed something. She’s a good prankster."

But the sweet and wide-eyed serial prank-ee can't quite bring herself to bring a little retribution upon Smalls.

"Have I gotten her back? No," she admitted. "I’m not good at being clever and conniving and she’s really good at it. I gotta beat her at her own game. So if you have any good tips... "

Well, I think a some good old fashioned bra freezing would be pretty apropos at a Victoria's Secret Show.