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Karl Lagerfeld’s Hot Bodyguard Actually Isn’t His Bodyguard at All

We caught up with Lagerfeld and his buddy Sebastien Jondeau at Friday night's Celebrating Monogram event for Louis Vuitton.

What do you get when you tap six creative icons to collaborate with one of the world’s most iconic leather goods companies? If you’re talking about Louis Vuitton’s new Iconoclast collection: Magic.

The storied French fashion house asked designers Rei Kawakubo, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, architect Frank Ghery, industrial designer Marc Newson and photographer Cindy Sherman to put their spin on Vuitton’s famous monogram, creating a limited edition range of bags and luggage to mark the house’s 160th anniversary. Of course, no celebratory collection would be complete without an actual party, so the house of Vuitton planned an elegant gathering at the MoMA in New York on Friday, inviting some of its chicest celebrity friends to fête the new range and the label’s milestone year. Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr, Ashley Olsen and a smattering of familiar faces turned out in Vuitton threads to enjoy a cocktail hour and a sit-down dinner.

The label also invited legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier, whom they outfitted with a small photo studio inside the museum. Noted guests including Chloë Sevigny, Anna Wintour and Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière stopped by to pose alongside block letters of their initials. It was certainly a treat, and almost surreal, to watch Demarchelier at work, right there in front of us. Karlie Kloss arrived to the party a little late and had to rush through her portrait. We watched her do one, two, three poses and dash out of the studio to take her seat at dinner. The resulting photo? Perfection. Truly a testament to the skills of both Demarchelier and Kloss.

Lagerfeld (who designed a punching bag for the range), was also on hand, flanked by his "bodyguard" Sebastien Jondeau. The Chanel designer recently tapped the wildly handsome Jondeau to appear in the campaign for his namesake brand, and we wanted to know what took Karl so long to introduce the world to his hot security detail. British Vogue recently published a feature on Jondeau, calling him Karl’s bodyguard, but as we found out, that’s not quite an accurate job description for the strapping lad whom Lagerfeld says he’s known for years. “He’s not my bodyguard, he is more like my assistant taking care of my houses and all that,” Lagerfeld told us. “The bodyguard is somewhere else.” Makes sense. After all, Jondeau is simply too pretty to risk spoiling his handsome face if something goes down. But don’t think the man’s good looks make him unable to defend himself. “He used to be an amateur boxing champion,” Lagerfeld said, noting that as the reason why he chose Jondeau to appear in his campaign. “You can’t use someone who doesn’t know how to [box] properly.” As for Karl, does he ever box? “Never,” he said. “I only do it with language. I know very well how to defend myself.” 

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