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All Hail Kate Middleton's Bumped Up Ponytail

Can't she just come to New York already?

The Duchess of Cambridge was out and about Tuesday once again making second trimester pregnancy look like a cake walk. At the launch of a fundraising campaign at the East Anglia's Children's Hospices in Norfolk, Middleton wore an easy and elegant Catherine Walker shift with black accessories and the cutest bouquet of flowers. 

Instead of letting her hair bounce free in all its shiny glory, she opted for a ponytail. And not just any ponytail—as we've seen her wear before, albeit rarely—but a ponytail with the kind of volume that would feel at home on the red carpet. Its a very quick way to boost the elegance of a sleek, lady-like look without much fuss. 

To get the look, start by blow drying hair straight (Middleton can skip this step, obviously, because she wakes up like this) and then tease underneath the top layer of hair at the crown. You can also use a hair insert, but if you're going for the Duchess's look, stay all natural. Then pull up the bottom layers of hair and fasten into a ponytail. Voila! Instant crowd-greeting hair. 

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