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Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade, Old Navy Charges More For Plus-Size

And Gwyneth Paltrow says Furbys are back in style!

Kate Spade just launched "The Waiting Game," its holiday campaign video with Anna Kendrick. We don't want to give too much away, but there are funny lines, really great clothes and most importantly: an insanely cute dog. Oh yeah, viewers can also purchase the clothes by directly clicking on them in the video. {Fashionista Inbox}

Old Navy is charging more for plus-sized jeans and it's gotten them into some trouble. Consumers have created a petition, with over 35,000 signatures, arguing that it's unreasonable to charge $15 more for plus-sized than regular-sized jeans, especially when mens jeans cost the same regardless of size. Old Navy claims that it's because they "invest" more in plus-sized garments, but it looks like they may need to revaluate their strategy. {Bloomberg via Business of Fashion}

Goop released their holiday gift guide with a variety of items for travel, cooking, kids, activities, and clothes. Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to put a $2,000 bike and a $4,800 juicer on the list. But on the plus side, Furby's are back in style. {Goop}

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In other body news, Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated model Sara Sampaio responded to bullies on Instagram by saying she's proud of her figure and that she's sick of people telling her she's too thin. Although we do find it hard to believe she "eats more burgers" than us. {Fashion Gone Rogue}

So Kim Kardashian's Internet-breaking (and mysterious European oiled) derriere shot was obviously photoshopped for her Paper magazine cover. So if one was feeling litigious would this be grounds for a false advertising lawsuit? {Above the Law Redline}