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Kim Kardashian Goes Full Frontal In 'Paper'

And we discover that she and Gwyneth Paltrow have opposing views when it comes to pubes. (This is NSFW if you haven't figured that out.)

Usually when a famous face covers the front of the magazine, the big question is, "What was she wearing?" But in Kim Kardashian's case, the big bombshell is what isn't she wearing because the entire Paper feature profile and Jean Paul Goude-shot spread is here and, uh, wow.

Yes, there's an interview by Amanda Fortini and to save you from actually reading just to get to the money shot: the Instagram over-sharer prefers #nofilters, she has the complexion of "golden whiskey," she likes to say "Kanye" a lot and she's putting all her famous selfies into a book, aptly-named Selfish, that will be published by the high-brow Rizzoli in the spring. And then she shows her vag. Behold: the entire Kim Kardashian Paper magazine photo shoot. Someone check — is the Internet broken yet?

Go over to Paper to see her naked from several other angles. 

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