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Kate Moss's Daughter Lila Grace Makes Red Carpet Debut

Mom made sure she had on her rain coat.

Just like lots of other moms, Kate Moss took her 12-year-old daughter and a friend to the movies on Sunday. Unlike those other mother-daughter outings, it was the red carpet world premiere of the movie ("Paddington," a cartoon about Paddington Bear) and mom is the preeminent supermodel of our time. Meaning her daughter, Lila Grace, has been living under a microscope somewhat, with Kate fans waiting to see whether or not she'll follow in her mom's footsteps, as so many daughters-of-models have done before her.

Well, she's still 12, so there's no confirmation of that yet. But the tween, whose father is Dazed and Confused editor Jefferson Hack, is undeniably pretty, photogenic, comfortable in front of the camera, and seems to be developing her own eclectic sense of style. She casually paired wedge sneakers with high-waisted plaid pants, an athletic denim bomber, a lightweight parka and a graphic tee. Her jacket layering skills are impressive for a pre-teen, but we wonder if the parka came at the insistence of mom Kate -- it was raining after all.

Still-- who knew they even made clothes that cool for 12-year-olds?

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