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Lily Aldridge Gives Her Best Party Tips, Stores Implement New Technology to Combat Holiday Returns

And David Yurman is opening a new location in NYC.

Lily Aldridge looks stunning in a pink sequined holiday frock in her campaign as the face of's new "Icon" line. She even offers 10 tips on how to "start the party," which include naps and messy hair — something we can actually get on board with. {Daily Mail}

With the holiday merchandise return rate three times higher than any other time of year, retailers are looking for new ways to combat it. Many stores are implementing new technologies — such as ones that track consumer demand and others that offer virtual dressing rooms to boost their profitability — and they're seeing improvements. {Business Week}

David Yurman is opening a 2000-square-foot loft boutique in SoHo. The store is reflective of the aesthetic of the building, with walls made of concrete and wood and two bronze angel sculptures. Sounds like a every jewelry designer's dream. {WWD}

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