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MAC to Cast Its Next Campaign Star on Social Media

It's the closest you'll get to being Miley Cyrus without having to twerk for it.

Want to be the next Miley? MAC is looking for a few new faces — six, to be precise —  and it's combing the Internet to find them.

In a new initiative called "MACnificent Me," would-be campaign stars are asked to submit a few things to MAC's website, including your "Mantra" of 140 characters or less. Once that's taken care of, contestants are asked to post their mantra all over social media — Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Getting lots of shares or likes won't help get you into the top six, MAC says, but "it will definitely help you grab our attention — which is never a bad thing when it comes time to make our final decisions." The six winners will be shot by a "prestigious fashion photographer" to appear in the fall 2015 ad campaign.

Of course, plenty of brands, like Marc by Marc Jacobs and DKNY, have launched similar campaigns recently. But MAC was actually a pioneer of the online open call: In 2011, it used a similar method with “MAC Me Over,” which just lacked the social media component of "MACnificent Me."

You have between now and December 12 to enter.

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