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Michael Kors Makes Its Instagram Shoppable

Followers can now receive product emails for images they've "liked."

One of the most annoying hurdles for brands on Instagram is the lack of ability to link out to products. Since the app doesn't seem to be in a hurry to offer that capability, companies like Nordstrom and Marc Jacobs Beauty have begun to take it upon themselves to develop programs which make their images shoppable.

The latest? Michael Kors, which just launched #Instakors. Users register their email addresses and Instagram user name at the special landing page; like with other programs of its ilk (LiketoKnow:It, for one), Michael Kors shoots a linked email when the customer "likes" a shoppable photo.

It's not ideal or seamless, but until Instagram updates with linking capabilities, it may be the best option for brands who might otherwise miss out on sales. 

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