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Miley Cyrus's Crazy Birthday Jacket Was Vintage Chanel, 'Gluten Face' Is a Thing

And retailers are going mobile for easily distracted teens.

It turns out that the neon Muppet jacket Miley Cyrus wore to her 22nd birthday party is actually vintage Chanel. It originally appeared in the 1994 fall collection and came with a matching fur hat. {Instagram}

With in-store traffic dropping, retailers are trying to figure out new ways to get teens to connect with their brands. Focusing on social media and mobile is a start, but at the end of the day, the content has to be "really cool." And there's nothing more elusive than cool. {WWD}

According to Charlotte Tilbury's go-to aesthetician Dr. Nigma Talib, you can tell a lot about a person's diet and health simply by looking at their skin. Apparently "dairy face," "wine face" and "gluten face" are real things. {Observer}

Miranda Kerr hosted a Twitter Q&A, and we learned some interesting things about her. Unsurprising: She can't live without avocados. Mildly surprising: She loves Fleetwood Mac and sometimes consumes cheese. {The Fashion Spot}

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