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12 Non-Ladylike Ways to Wear Pearls

Did someone say "septum ring?"

Blame it on Dior's oft-copied, barbell-esque Mise en Dior earrings (always worn as a mismatched single, but of course) and Chanel's headphone-like, ginormous pearl choker (which dominated this year's magazine covers): traditional teatime pearls aren't so ladylike anymore. And we like it.

The juxtaposition of such a refined, heirloom bauble mixed with a futuristic, sometimes hard-edged setting makes for an inspired way to accessorize. Not to mention these pearls come in configurations way beyond your hand-me-down-from-grandma stud earrings or Junior League-ready stringed necklace. Think: pearls co-mingling with sharp spikes on a delicate bangle; a superbly cool, pearl-encrusted ear cover; and even a faux septum ring, for those who are commitment shy when it comes to piercings. Of course, when you're looking for such on-trend accessories, it's okay to go faux. Plus, that'll leave you with more in the bank to invest in your own pair of single pearl earrings to hand down a few generations. Because it's nice to have those, too.

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